Singer / Guitarist / Songwriter / Performer
Paul Bernadou

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“Nothing Stays the Same”, produced by triple-platinum Los Angeles producer, David Kopatz, is a cohesive set of songs regarding events common to all of us.  It is a “songumentary” of life’s constant changes, and our endeavor to overcome, adapt and move on. These are songs of change, in love and relationships, and in life situations. The title track “Nothing Stays The Same”, “I Can’t Make You Real”, “I Never Knew”, and “Time After Time” traverses through a love and tragic loss an getting through the ordeal complete with emotional and life changes. “Summer Gold” tells a story through a young boy’s eyes of the economic impact on a farmer and his family, and the changes they take on to survive. “Mama’s Cadillac, penned by fellow collaborator singer / songwriter Kerri Muncres, features acclaimed violist, Robin Lorentz, from the California Ear Unit, Los Angeles and Sante Fe Philharmonic. “She Loves The Wind” provides a melodic diversion from the change theme, and considers a boat’s emotion of sailing. Other songs are stories of love and people changing as they grow within a new love and even the end of a relationship. The album features noted Los Angeles musicians including, Bobby Mustol on piano and keyboards, Randy Drake on drums, Jamie Holbrook on bass, David Kopatz adding on guitar, Steve Briggs on saxophone as well as LA’s Cecily Gardner providing background vocals.

"In the Vines", is a collection of instrumental music Paul composed specifically towards the enjoyment of wine.  Paul, an avid wine enthusiast, makes, collects and enjoys the wine lifestyle.  His goal was to take the enjoyment, impressions and emotions he's experienced with wine all over the world and convey it in instrumental music.  The songs include open space layers, guitars, piano, mandolin, bass and percussion.  Paul says, "I've traveled and enjoyed wine from all over the world.  The experiences and wines are all so unique and special.  My approach to this CD was to express how I feel  around   the amazing memories of enjoying great wine.  Wine is fun, moody, magic, and there is a soul to it all.  Wine brings people together in the best of times and music enhances it all.  How do you tell someone how you felt when you tasted a beautiful Sangiovese on a centuries old patio in Tuscany, or drinking a cool, crisp Chardonnay while watching kangaroos hop through a beautiful Australian vineyard?  How do you convey your feelings around all the wonderful memories I have, gathering with friends and family, tasting amazing California wines?  I hope my instrumental music conveys those emotions”. Whether it is the dreamy guitar in “Vineyards In My Dreams”, the light hearted island rhythms of “Pineapple Wine”, or the acoustic guitar playing while a satellite passes overhead in “Tra Terra e Cielo” (Between Earth and Sky), this music is sure to be a hit at your next gathering.

The single, "Looking For Rebecca" is a song written about a homeless man looking for someone called Rebecca.  It is up to the listener to decide if Rebecca is this man's partner, child or if Rebecca is real at all. Or is the man actually missing and someone is looking for him.  All proceeds of the sale of Rebecca downloads and streams goes to GINA For Missing Persons FOUNDATION and is available for download at or

Paul is currently finishing a new album projects, “Lightning in a Jar”. All of Paul’s works are featured and available on iTunes.

In The Vines

Music for the love of wine. Acoustic instrumental music. Easy listening.

Looking For Rebecca

A single with proceeds going to  GINA For Missing Persons.

Nothing Stays The Same

Produced by David Kopatz. Rock, Acoustic.